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Infra-Red Sauna

The cutting edge of Detox Technology

We are very proud to offer this service here at The Surrey Clinic. An Infra-Red Sauna penetrates the skin three times more than a normal sauna. The Infra-Red Sauna engages all your senses and offers soothing relaxation and offers immense benefits.

Infra-Red Sauna penetrates the skin three times more than a normal sauna. The Infra-Red Sauna engages all your senses and offers soothing relaxation and offers immense benefits including:

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Detoxify and lose weight
  • Enjoy radiant youthful skin
  • Pain Relief- ease painful muscles, arthritis,
  • Reduce Stress levels
  • Treat SAD Syndrome-light box in sauna to alleviate sad symptoms.
  • Boost your immune system
  • Healthy for your heart
  • Colour Therapy - Aromatherapy - Sound Therapy

Colour Therapy

The use of Colour in the treatment of illness can allow the body to re-balance repair facilitate growth, development and add to the quality of Life!

In the Infrared Sauna session you can select one of six colours to surround you during your session. You can select from the following:


Energises the being supplying our physical body with energy and vitality, it creates heat upping the body temperature assisting a sluggish system, it helps release chronic blockages and obstructions, revivify organic functions that have degenerated, promotes elimination of waste products, is great for blood circulation and gets the adrenalin going and helps cellulite, purifies the blood also maintaining the number of red blood cells in the body and stimulates the liver. Red creates energy movement enthusiasm and even passion, also uplifts giving more strength of character willpower and confidence as well as initiative thus helping to overcome inertia.


Is the most beneficial of colours as it is this colour that provides the Etheric Sheath around the body, affording protection from all kinds of outside influences and it keeps the immune system up and strong, affecting the way we feel emotionally and mentally as well as physically. Orange is a natural Anti-Depressant giving feelings of joy and enabling creative expression, also helping one to become more extrovert and outward in approach.


Is the balancer and harmoniser of all the colours it also is the supplier of Oxygen to the cells! It calms sooths and settles the whole being; it brings contentment and healing and offers hope. Green can help release Obstructions and Blockages, soothe and heal Fevers and Inflammatory States with swollen painful areas, can ease Eyestrain and reduce Visual Disturbances, can even out Mood Swings, and help feelings of Discontentment and Impatience, can boost feelings of Self Worth and Confidence and help the person trust more in themselves! It can help build Muscle Bone and other Tissue cells. It is neither Acid or is it Alkaline, it helps to relieve Tension, lowers Blood Pressure and stabilises Emotions, and also Green acts as a Disinfectant against bacteria, viruses and other germs.


Is a balancer and harmoniser very much like green it brings calmness and peace to the being! It increases metabolism and soothes inflammation it is cooling and contracting for muscles and blood vessels, slows down the action of the heart acting as a tonic on the body in general, it returns the bloodstream to normal, lowering blood pressure also reduces nervous excitement, helps with cramps of nervous origin, is astringent, helps with menopausal complaints, helps with nervous skin allergies, encourages wound healing, it acts to expand spiritual awareness and relaxes the mind as well as calming the body, it helps a person promote truth loyalty devotion idealism, sincerity and intuition, Blue can help in disturbances of the Pituitary are involved and gives more clarity of consciousness both emotionally and mentally. Blue is first class in reducing inflammation and swellings


is the most strongly artistic and creative and spiritual of the colours, giving inspiration, Violet has the highest vibrational frequency and also the shortest wavelength of all the colours in the visible spectrum. Violet is the colour of radioactivity and stands for spiritual experience; good dream recall as well as balancing the two hemispheres of the brain. Violet is the colour of Transformation helping one to change attitudes and beliefs and purifies the thinking patterns that may get stuck allowing on altering old behavioural patterns. Violet stimulates the spleen, upper brain and bones. It depresses the Lymphatics, heart muscle, and motor nerves; it is calming in the case of mental illness. It helps to control irritability and also depresses hunger; it can build Leucocytes, and maintains Ionic balance especially of potassium and sodium.

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